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Beteko Group CJSC is a company with a proven track record in the telecommunication construction industry in Azerbaijan. Established in 2006, the Company managed to earn a reputation of a reliable service provider and is distinguished in the market by the range and quality of rendered services. Beteko Group can offer customized solutions to its clients covering the stages from planning to project turnkey.

The range of services includes:

  • GSM sites construction

  • Civil works

  • Manufacturing works

  • Electrical works

  • Equipment installation

  • Telecommunication works

Beteko Group CJSC is a diversified company specialized in the field of telecommunication and construction with the aim to bring exceptional value to our customers. Beteko Group CJSC intends to create and deliver innovative solutions while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

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Tower installation

Beteko Group CJSC has installed and continues to install 350 towers throughout the country in 2007-2021, regardless of the relief. During the installation, starting from the geological test report, the foundation excavation, sub-assembly, super-assembly, connection to the permanent power network of the site and finally the completion and handover of the TI works are carried out. The installed towers are 30, 40, 50 meters high


GSM equipment installation, setup and testing

Beteko Group CJSC is also engaged in the development and implementation of 2G, 3G, 4G technologies in the field of GSM. The total number of GSM sites operated by Beteko is more than 500.


Fiber optic lines installation and testing

Laying of fiber-optic cable (overhead line, underground line, cable with sewage facilities, etc.) and welding works between the areas belonging to AZRC in the whole territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.Beteko Group CJSC performs all types of fiber optic cable work.Laying of FO cables with cable sewerage; Burial of supports and laying of FO cable with overhead line, Construction of a new cable sewer line; Digging a trench and laying underground cables; Underground laying of cables by means of special aggregates; Laying the cable without digging the main highway; Cable laying between blocks in buildings; Hanging cable between buildings; Installation of cable communication wells,Installation of termination boxes; Welding of optical fibers; Installation and welding of optical armbands; Measurement of fiber optic cables; Burial and marking of cable markers; Typical cable connections; All work on the FTTB project, Drawing the final lines after the work is completed;Elimination of accide


Electrical lines installation

Beteko Group also specializes in the installation of high-voltage and low-voltage power lines and electrical equipment for both GSM and civil construction. The company has the potential and specialists to carry out this work.


Construction of warehouse, offices and etc.

Beteko Group CJSC carries out construction of warehouses, offices, shops, etc. Performs reconstruction, installation of lighting and camera systems in the warehouse, plumbing, design, equipment, plasterboard in the repair of offices, masonry, construction epoxy in the factory. The store is engaged in installation and advertising during repair and construction works.


Concrete works

Beteko Group CJSC carries out iron and concrete works in different parts of the country. Beteko Group CJSC, in cooperation with Azerconnect LLC, actively participates in the reconstruction of the liberated territories and carries out reinforced concrete works. Preparation and installation of concrete steps that can be transported to the liberated areas is underway.