Our Approach

Given that we work in hazardous conditions, Beteko Group CJSC is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, regardless of where we operate.

Beteko Group CJSC carries out its work correctly and transparently. We are intolerant of any form of bribery and corruption. All employees are required to comply with these laws, the company's anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies and procedures.

As Beteko Group CJSC, we are sensitive and respect the traditions and culture of the countries in which we operate.

Communication with the public and government agencies on behalf of the company, whether oral or written, must be legal, accurate and professional. Business communications include communications established by the company with a customer, supplier, counterparty, banker, intermediary and third parties or with each other using mail, e-mail, message, fax, telephone, website and other media.