Fiber optic lines installation and testing

Laying of fiber-optic cable (overhead line, underground line, cable with sewage facilities, etc.) and welding works between the areas belonging to AZRC in the whole territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.Beteko Group CJSC performs all types of fiber optic cable work.Laying of FO cables with cable sewerage; Burial of supports and laying of FO cable with overhead line, Construction of a new cable sewer line; Digging a trench and laying underground cables; Underground laying of cables by means of special aggregates; Laying the cable without digging the main highway; Cable laying between blocks in buildings; Hanging cable between buildings; Installation of cable communication wells,Installation of termination boxes; Welding of optical fibers; Installation and welding of optical armbands; Measurement of fiber optic cables; Burial and marking of cable markers; Typical cable connections; All work on the FTTB project, Drawing the final lines after the work is completed;Elimination of accide