We offer services

Construction of warehouse, offices and etc.

Beteko Group CJSC carries out construction of warehouses, offices, shops, etc. Performs reconstruction, installation of lighting and camera systems in the warehouse, plumbing, design, equipment, plasterboard in the repair of offices, masonry, construction epoxy in the factory. The store is engaged in installation and advertising during repair and construction works.


Concrete works

Beteko Group CJSC carries out iron and concrete works in different parts of the country. Beteko Group CJSC, in cooperation with Azerconnect LLC, actively participates in the reconstruction of the liberated territories and carries out reinforced concrete works. Preparation and installation of concrete steps that can be transported to the liberated areas is underway.


Insulation works

As part of cooperation with Procon LLC, insulation and packaging of pipes are being carried out at the Baku Oil Refinery named after Heydar Aliyev. As the insulation provides complete protection, it maintains the temperature and fluidity of the chemicals. Packaging is an indispensable system used today in large industrial complexes. This system plays a very important role in regulating the temperature of pipes or tank installations.


Restoration works

Beteko Group CJSC fulfills your dream repair dreams. By entrusting your space to us, you will have a high-quality, modern and up-to-date repair. plumbing; electricity; tile - ceramic tile ; wallpapers; various sticks and padugas; plasterboard works (in various forms); flooring (parquet, laminate);


Electrical works

The following is performed during electrical work on construction sites. Installation of 0.4 kV meters, installation of new supports, dismantling of old supports, installation of 10 kV cable line, installation of new vacuum switch